About LOLO

Lolo is a multi- retail outlet discount membership platform that is a transient voice for all the local retailers of the country. With the working tagline “Kharido Local” we are aiming to promote and encourage local retailers and their business. With constant change in shopping trends, the local retailers are at the brim of extreme and confusing competition. Both customers and partners benefit from the Lolo app. Our customers get products, services at a low, modest and heavily discounted prices all through 365 days, which is worth every penny.

Customers are always in the lookout for better pricing, the wait is all over. Lolo provides the best discounted shoping experiences that are authentic in never seen before . All throughout the year, you get 40%, 50% and even 100% discounts in the form of multitude of services like amusement parks, salons, gym, movie theatres, restaurants. You pay less and always get more of the amazing products and services.

As the shopping paradigm has shifted over time with no real offers, deals and availability of just about anything within a touch robbing customers of authentic shopping experience and the local retailers to fend for their own. Lolo multi- retail outlet discount platform is thus here to meddle this situation by creating better opportunities and by being a prominent announcer for local shops and retailers. We encourage people to come out, feel the products, shop and revisit the amazing experience of offline shopping.

With this goal in mind, Lolo has been designed as a cooperative multi retail outlet discount platform bringing in local retailers and customers all together at a single outlet. With our platform, we aim to provide the finest opportunities for both our customers and retailers equitably.

Lolo is a one- stop solution for all your elevated shopping needs. Connect with us for an extraordinary 365 days discount card, that helps all the customers claim real deals, discounts and offers on restaurants, movie theaters, fashion outlets, beauty salons, gyms and so much more. Customers could enjoy products, services different amenities all at great discounts, all through the year. Never seen before prices for all your needs is right here in Lolo.

What is better than the absolute experience of being able to touch, feel, original products and enjoy all the benefits that come with offline shopping. So how about you choose us, Lolo and get all your needs in less price with added benefit of promoting “Vocal for local” with us.


Visit your play store and search for Lolo app.

Download the application into your device.

Do sign in with all your credentials.

You will be redirected to the discounts page for subscription.

Do read through all our membership card options and choose the best one for you.

You can now start enjoying the card benefits like 100%, 50%, 40% discounts and all other complimentary options and services right then and there.


Redefine your shopping experience now with Lolo. When you connect with Lolo, you are provided with a 365 days round Lolo card membership which is a one stop haven for special offers, deals, discounts to the card holder. You will be getting amazing products and experiences that are worth the value from different outlets like restaurants, amusement parks, salons, gyms, hotels and so much more.


  • Visit your play store and search for Lolo app
  • Download the application into your device.
  • Do sign in with all your credentials.
  • Give our relationship manager a call for further understanding of the program.
  • We will look through your business, the category and the rightful needs while customizing the apt barter advertising partnership for you.

So, if you partner and opt for barter advertising with Lolo, you will be providing special discounts to our customers with right advertisement placement on Lolo app and Lolo social platforms in return.

We provide you with an increased influx of new customers and a real customer base to start with. We believe in the policy of paying for results, you get to enjoy the success of your business and remunerate later on. With Lolo, your products will reach a larger target audience and finally get the business that it is ought to. Lolo helps boost your business with its amazing multi retail outlet discount platform.

  1. Influx of new customers
  2. No direct cost of branding
  3. Establishing an authentic customer base
  4. Promoting customer footfall
  5. Increased perception of brand recall
  6. Continuous increase in customer data base
  7. Ability to connect with direct customers

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Office-Mahaveer Mandir Road,Ordaly Bazar, Varanasi, 221002,Uttar Pradesh

Registered Office- SH 9/132-A-G-A, New Ashok Vihar Colony, Air Port Road, Shivpur Varanasi, 221003, Uttar Pradesh

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